Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at West Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 6:30 pm

Join the Board

We are already starting to think about next year as some of the members of our board are wrapping up their terms. Please start thinking about how you can contribute to your guild by filling a board position. These are 2 year positions and many are a 2 person job, but years overlap, so one person stays and another comes on board each year so there is one who can guide the other.

Here are the positions we need to fill this year.

Vice President 2014 (President 2015)
Recording Secretary: 2-year term
2015 Program chair(s) elect: One person can do the job but having 2 people helps maintain your sanity. The position begins in 2014.
Directors at Large: 1 afternoon, 1 evening, 2-year term
Community Giving: 2 people for 2-year term. Positions overlap. 1 person needed for 2014/15.
Co-editor of Newsletter: 2-year term
Librarian: 2 people for 2-year terms. Positions overlap.
Website Coordinator: This is a job for a computer-saavy person, but we will train you

I hope you will take time to consider our request to serve on the Board. If you would like to serve or know someone who would be a great candidate, please contact me at

See you soon,
Mildred Agena
Vice President