Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 6:30 pm

Block Lotto

A block lotto is a new program implemented in 2023. The idea is that everyone makes as many blocks as they want to, following the guidelines for that lotto. Then a raffle is held and the winner receives all the blocks! Each block you submit one entry into the raffle. We will hold several throughout the year. Watch this page for the details of each lotto.

2024 First Block Lotto

The due date for returned blocks is the January 23, 2024 meeting.

Snail’s Trail block details:

Colors: Valentines colors using saturated reds, pinks, or purple (for dark fabric area of block) and white, near white or very light colors for contrasting fabric (solids or prints). Aim for high contrast between colored and neutral fabrics.
Size: 12.5” unfinished
Free Pattern site: