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at 1 pm and 7 pm

President’s Challenge

President’s Challenge 2022  “Water”

“If the earth is a mother than rivers are her veins”  

 Amit Kalantri

This quotation may be an inspiration for the challenge. 

Challenge requirements

  • Color: the color blue must used somewhere on the front. It does not need to be a dominant color, it does not need to be identified from 20 feet away. (so, a small bit, but still recognizable)  But if blue is your color of choice, have at it. 
  • Dimensions:  Quilt is to be 30″ wide x 40″ tall.  Oriented vertically.
  • A quilt is defined as 3 layers – top, batting, and backing.  Edge finishing is up to you.  Quilt may be tied, hand quilted or machine quilted (including long-arm) –     however it must be made by you.
  • The quilt top must be made of fabric.  It may be pieced, foundation pieced, paper-pieced, or appliqued.  Embellishments are allowed.
  • The quilt must be flat, no clothing, bags, etc.
  • The quilt label should be place on the back with your name and the quilt’s title. Your name should not be visible during voting.
  • Provide a description of your inspiration on the back.
  • Due at the December 2022 Tea and Annual Guild Meeting.