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President’s Challenge

Let Your Voice Be Heard

2021 President’s Challenge Quilt

DMAQG President Marta Trout’s Challenge was “Something’s Fishy”.  Peggy Kirk’s Challenge was “What Would You Hang on a Wooden Peg?” in 2013.  And “Less is More (Moore)” was 2016 DMAQG President Joyce Moore’s Challenge.  And so it seems fitting to title the 2021 President’s Challenge “Let Your Voice Be Heard”.

Quilters have used quilts to tell stories, promote causes, and share memories for more than 150 years.  They have shined a light on social, family, and world issues. Ami Simms is responsible for the “Alzheimer’s: Forgetting Piece by Piece” traveling art quilt exhibit. I’ve seen quilts about the horror of 9/11.  A collection of “Violence Against Women” quilts was very moving. Hollis Chatelain’s quilts often have world issues represented.  The AIDS Memorial Quilt is an epic 54-ton tapestry that includes more than 48,000 panels. Our own guild members have shown quilts about the importance of mammograms, plastics in our oceans, and the effects of dementia.  The topic doesn’t have to be serious. I’ve seen matching quilts of “What Dogs Think of Cats” and “What Cats Think of Dogs” (they don’t).  So choose your message, and “Let Your Voice Be Heard.”


Theme: Let Your Voice Be Heard 
Your quilt must have a message.
Words: Optional. You may choose to include words as part of the quilt design, or a short artist’s statement printed and attached to the front of the quilt.
Dimensions: The width of the quilt must be 30 inches to 60 inches, length of 30 inches to 80 inches. The quilt must be a quilt, and not a quilted item (no jackets, bags etc).
Quilted: The quilt must be quilted by hand, machine, or both. Quilting is defined as a running stitch that passes through top, middle layer (batting), and backing. The quilt must consist of 3 layers (top, middle layer, and backing). Tied quilts are not eligible.
Materials: The quilt must be made predominately with fabric. Embellishments are optional.  Quilts must be a single unit and may not be framed with wood, metal, etc. No rods may be sewn into a quilt. Quilts made from stamped kits are not eligible.

Other Requirements: Group quilts are allowed, as long as each person works on only one challenge quilt.  A label should be attached to the back of the quilt with the owner’s name and the quilt’s title.  The maker’s name should not be visible during judging.  Please refrain from identifying your entry prior to voting, including show and tells and social media.
If your quilt is chosen for the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge, you will be required to attach a sleeve to the back of the quilt. Odd-shaped quilts must be mounted on black fabric containing a sleeve; attach the quilt at the top only, leaving the bottom free for the judges to view the back of the quilt. Quilts with electrical components or special lighting cannot be utilized due to fire safety. Quilts must be able to stack with other quilts and boxed or rolled without possible damage to the quilts.

Due Date: December 1st, 2021, or at the December Annual meeting if we vote in person.

Elaine Voyce, 2021 DMAQG President