Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at West Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 6:30 pm

2017 Quilt Show Ribbon Winners


Best of Show-Bed: 3016J Patricia Johnson Majestic Garden
Best of Show-Wall/Other: 3182J Martha Klatt Stepping Stones
Best Hand Quilting: 3131J Gwen Blass Jacobean Beauty
Best Home Machine Quilting: 3145J Eva Marie Evans White Kelp Quilt
Best Long-Arm/Mid-Arm Quilting Machine: 3016J Patricia Johnson Majestic Garden
Judge’s Choice: 3146J Eva Marie Evans Always Darkest Before the Dawn



2017 DMAQG Judged Quilt Ribbon Winners:
Applique, Extra Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3163J Sharon Meisenheimer Butterflies of Hope
2nd: 3086J Barbara Smalley Winter Wreath
3rd: 3162J Sharon Meisenheimer Black and White and Dandelion
Applique, Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3181J Gloria House Autumn Majesties
2nd: 3068J Sandra Lanning Quilt Diva
3rd: 3085J Barbara Smalley Hawaiian Pineapple
Applique, Medium, 1 Person:
1st: 3179J Gloria House Pretty Flowers-All in a Row
2nd: 3238J Betty Mathers Slipping Under, Rising Above
3rd: 3077J Ginny Huntington Finely Finished, Finally Finished
Applique, Medium, 2+ Persons:
1st: 2863J Nancy Howell Wyatt’s Zoo
2nd: 3149J Eva Marie Evans Kealakekua Bay
3rd: 3071J Mary Martin Celebration
HM: 3209J Jennifer Bernard He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Applique, Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 2923J Leigh Lussie Auntie Green’s Flower Garden
2nd: 2984J Deb Kimball If I Ran the Zoo
3rd: 2921J Leigh Lussie Flower Pots
HM: 3175J Becky Irmiter Flowers of the Bible
HM: 3131J Gwen Blass Jacobean Beauty
Applique, Extra Large, 1 Person:
1st: 3016J Patricia Johnson Majestic Garden
2nd: 2900J Julee Prose Bizzy Bird
Applique, Extra Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3091J Linda Arndt The Cinderella Quilt
Art – Abstract:
1st: 3206J Joyce Franklin Crevices
2nd: 2976J Peggy Kirk Milky Way
3rd: 3203J Joyce Franklin Sea Weed
HM: 3103J Rod Turner A Calder if His Teacher Had Made him use . . .
1st: 2905J Barbara Riggs There’s No Day Like a Snow Day
2nd: 3079J Mary Cecil Undersea Fantasy
3rd: 3068J Mary Cecil Guamuchil Tree
HM: 2906J Barbara Riggs Silently She Stood
First Quilt Entered:
1st: 3061J Tony Jacobson Blurred Lines
2nd: 2993J Anne Stoner Whew!
3rd: 3191J Angela Milligan Buttercup
HM: 2991J Polly Mumma Keno
Mixed Technique, Extra Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3116J Donita Fredricks A Little Slice of Lime
2nd: 3204J Sue Conard Paris Anyone?
3rd: 2990J Ellen Kelly Smith Back in Time
Mixed Technique, Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3121J Emma Thomas-McGinnis Butterfly Welcome Wall-hanging
2nd: 2981J Deb Kimball Le Chat Chateau
3rd: 3028J Mildred Agena Three Flowers
Mixed Technique, Medium, 1 Person:
1st: 3099J Rod Turner Capitol Tiles
2nd: 3017J Patricia Johnson Springtime Splendor
3rd: 3043J Marj Luchtenburg Birds in the Bush
Mixed Technique, Medium, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3159J Sharon Meisenheimer Memories From the Farm
2nd: 3030J Cynthia Bortell Yoko Saito’s Mystery Quilt
3rd: 2980J Deb Kimball Fancy Birds
HM: 3070J Mary Martin “Dog” Daze of Summer
Mixed Technique, Large, 1 Person:
1st: 2950J Christine Rounceville Coastal Lily
2nd: 2948J Christine Rounceville Phebe
3rd: 3047J Linda Schminke Lotsa Pennies in the Cabin
Mixed Technique, Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 2954J Marge Pearson Marge’s Garden
2nd: 3029J Cynthia Bortell Wild Thing
3rd: 2965J Diana Brown Gingerbread Village
HM: 3166J Carolyn S. Magnani Color Strokes
Mixed Technique, Extra Large, 1 Person:
2nd: 2901J Julee Prose Words to Live By
Mixed Technique, Extra Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3137J Gwen Blass Sylvia
2nd: 2899J Julee Prose Vintage Memories
Modern, Extra Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3202J Joyce Franklin Follow Your Arrow
2nd: 2915J Linda Montet WhirlyGig
3rd: 3253J Stephanie Houlson Modern Takes On Square Within Squares
Modern, Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3146J Eva Marie Evans Always Darkest Before the Dawn
Modern, Medium, 1 Person:
1st: 3182J Martha Klatt Stepping Stones
2nd: 2911J Julie Doy Triangles Version 2
3rd: 2951J JoAnn Belling Skyscrapers in the Fog
Modern, Medium, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3151J Mary E. Booth Where will it end???
2nd: 2909J Julie Doy Circles #1
3rd: 2910J Julie Doy Circles #2
Modern, Large, 1 Person:
1st: 3254J Eva Marie Evans Ivory & Gold Improv
2nd: 3113J Emma Thomas-McGinnis Making Friends with Lizzie
3rd: 3020J Erin Monfort-Nelson Digital Chi
HM: 3247J Ruth Hugen Murphy’s Hanging Lego Chains
Modern, Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3145J Eva Marie Evans White Kelp Quilt
2nd: 2955J Marge Pearson Rail Lines
3rd: 3217J Jill McBroom Iowa Values
Modern, Extra-Large, 1 Person:
3rd: 3118J Emma Thomas-McGinnis Mario Blocks
Modern, Extra-Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3006J Shari Walkup Between The Lines
2nd: 2979J Jill McBroom Iowa State Fair
Pieced, Extra Small, 1 Person:
1st: 3009J Mary Shotwell Little Fruit Chutney
2nd: 3115J Donita Fredricks Love That Deco
3rd: 3084J Marge Pearson Stars in Hand
HM: 3161J Sharon Meisenheimer Modern Nine-Patch
Pieced, Small, 1 Person:
1st: 2974J Peggy Kirk Cherrywood Pineapple
2nd: 3155J Alene Bailey Milady’s Fan
Pieced, Small, 2+ Persons:
1st: 2982J Deb Kimball A Small Reproduction
Pieced, Medium, 1 Person:
1st: 3055J Sherri Street Weird Fishes
2nd: 3050J Linda Schminke Why Not?
3rd: 2873J Deb Treusch Mandarin Garden
Pieced, Medium, 2+ Persons:
1st: 2986J Deb Kimball Red and White Together
2nd: 3177J Becky Irmiter Links
3rd: 3133J Gwen Blass Boxed In
HM: 3107J Brenda Turner Daiwabo Fun
Pieced, Large, 1 Person:
1st: 3018J Patricia Johnson Corners of Change
2nd: 2949J Christine Rounceville Colfax County
3rd: 3021J Erin Monfort-Nelson Kindred Spirits
HM: 3172J Anina McMurdo Compass Trails
Pieced, Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3132J Gwen Blass To The Point
2nd: 2987J Deb Kimball Pieces of Kaffe Fassett
3rd: 3119J Donita Fredricks Stained Glass
HM: 3199J Diane Tomlinson Heather & Clover
HM: 3062J Tony Jacobson Migration
Pieced, Extra-Large, 1 Person:
1st: 3049J Linda Schminke You Only Live Once, . . .
2nd: 3101J Rod Turner 10 Years After
3rd: 3063J Tony Jacobson Aurora
HM: 3048J Linda Schminke Summer Sunlight in the Woods
Pieced, Extra-Large, 2+ Persons:
1st: 3064J Colleen Henrichs Pinwheel Fancy
2nd: 2896J Marcia Jensen Red Strip Star
3rd: 3081J Rhonda Sayler Swoon
HM: 3138J Gwen Blass Shaded Path
Quilting For The Home:
1st: 2983J Deb Kimball Winter Table Topper
2nd: 2880J Tamara Watts-McPhail My Grantchester Village
3rd: 2952J JoAnn Belling Amish Runner
HM: 3140J Gwen Blass Spring Sampler
Wearable Art & Accessories:
1st: 3215J Jennifer Bernard Steam Punk Denim Jacket
2nd: 3003J Karen Macon Parisian Handbag
3rd: 2972J Judy D’Iapico Travel Bag
Whole Cloth:
1st: 3264J Eva Marie Evans Modern Whole Cloth 2
1st: 2902J Julee Prose In The Garden
2nd: 3136J Gwen Blass Fall Splendor
3rd: 3164J Sharon Meisenheimer Davis County Birds in a Cherry Tree
HM: 3040J Kathryn Leavell The Flowers That Bloom In The Summer
HM: 2985J Deb Kimball The Nature of Things

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