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2014 State Fair Results – Combination

Quilters Sew Their Way to the Top in Iowa State Fair Contest

August 12, 2014

Vicki Swensen of Nevada earned Best of Show honors in the Quilting division of the Fabric and Threads contest judged prior to the start of the 2014 Iowa State Fair.

Debra A. Kimball of Clive claimed the Sweepstakes award.

Additional results below:


First Quilt

1) Anne Stoner, Logan
2) None Awarded
3) None Awarded
4) Kristal Beyer, Sully
Honorable Mention) Carol Bertram, Storm Lake

Memory Quilt

1) Gretta Wilkinson, Johnston
2) Valerie Funk, Osceola
3) Michelle And Tim Juhl, Greene
4) Becky Larson, Ankeny
Honorable Mention) Betty Westercamp, Grinnell

Embroidered by Hand

1) Janet Strouse, Storm Lake
2) Anita Gogerty, Norwalk
3) Renee McPhee, Grimes
4) Carol Bertram, Storm Lake

Embroidered by Machine

1) None Awarded
2) None Awarded
3) Junellyn Ellis, Tracy
4) Susan Body, Polk City
Honorable Mention) Pam Nelson, Ankeny

Whole Cloth

1) None Awarded
2) Martha Klatt, Adel
3) None Awarded
4) Michelle and Tim Juhl, Greene
Honorable Mention) Carol Kemme, Long Grove

Found & Finished

1) Linda Fritchen, Sigourney
2) Martha Klatt, Adel
3) Gretta Wilkinson, Johnston
4) Anita Gogerty, Norwalk


1) Diane Lehman, Badger
2) Leann Baumhover, Storm Lake
3) Becky Larson, Ankeny
4) Sheryl DeMouth, Johnston
Honorable Mention) Theresa Proctor, Pocahontas
Honorable Mention) Joann Olson, Ankeny


1) Kathy Lindquist, Panora
2) Becky Larson, Ankeny
3) Connie Remetch, Des Moines
4) Delores Dorland, Missouri Valley
Honorable Mention) Bonnabelle Rayner, Lone Tree


1) Janeen Pearson, Altoona
2) Martha Klatt, Adel
3) Linda McGhee, Mitchellville
4) Diane Lehman, Badger
Honorable Mention) Katheryn Russi, Johnston
Honorable Mention) Jennifer Bernard, Webster City

Appliqué Crib Quilt

1) Katheryn Russi, Johnston
2) Diana Brown, Indianola

Pieced Crib Quilt

1) None Awarded
2) None Awarded
3) Tamara Watts-McPhail, Ankeny
Honorable Mention) Debbie Wordehoff, Cedar Rapids
Honorable Mention) Joyce Brown, West Des Moines

Mixed Technique Crib Quilt

1) Linda Weber, Johnston
2) Becky Larson, Ankeny
3) Erin Zehm, Ames
Honorable Mention) Vicki Swensen, Nevada
Honorable Mention) Fern Stewart, West Des Moines

Appliqué Small Quilt

1) None Awarded
2) Mary V. Shotwell, Des Moines
3) Karen Thompson, Pleasantville
Honorable Mention) Diana Weirich, Des Moines

Pieced Small Quilt

1) None Awarded
2) Kelli Belden, Madrid
3) None Awarded
4) Renee McPhee, Grimes
Honorable Mention) Nancy Kiley, Perry
Honorable Mention) Aileen Taylor, Pella

Appliqué Miniature Quilt

1) Leigh Lussie, Windsor Heights
2) Erin Zehm, Ames
3) Diana Weirich, Des Moines
4) Julie McNair, Conrad

Pieced Miniature Quilt

1) Linda McGhee, Mitchellville
2) Carol Moellers, Greene
3) Karla Pickhinke, Storm Lake
4) Margaret Karr, Knoxville
Honorable Mention) Rebecca Roush, Cedar Rapids