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Thanks from the Show Quilt Winner

We received a nice letter of thanks and a photo from our Show Quilt winner, the lucky LaVerne Wieczorek.

“Here I am with my awesome new quilt!  I still cannot believe that I’m the one to have received this gorgeous heirloom work of art!   It will always be treasured.

I participate primarily with two quilt groups out here in southwestern Idaho:  Boise Basin Quilters (BBQ, and the Syringa Quilters….Quilting is my vocational passion, and now that I’m retired, I manage to be piecing some kind of quiltwork almost every day.  Usually, in addition to small gifts for family members, I make a couple of quilts each year for charity fundraiser auctions or raffles, usually for the local shelter for victims of domestic violence.   I am a past president of BBQ (504 members the year I was chairman) and managed our annual quilt show three times in past years.  While both jobs are hard work, I especially enjoyed working the quilt shows.   I’ve retired three times, but I think I’ve got it right this time and will stay retired after having worked as a teacher, trainer, human resources manager, and city clerk.  I’m 68 going on 35, so I’ve got lots of things to do and places to go before I get old!

In the wintertime, January, February, and March, I work at the Idaho Statehouse during our legislative session.  I manage the Legislative Information Center.  In my office I hang quilts as a way to teach people quilt appreciation as well as to enhance our workspace.  I hang four quilts each session.  Of course, the Many Needles Pineapple Quilt will be the one most prominently featured this next session beginning in January.  Several hundred people come through our area each year.

You had a wonderful, wonderful quilt show in Des Moines.  I am still awe-struck and feel extremely privileged to have received your very special quilt.  I’m showing it off nearly every day!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and the others who helped make the quilt.  Thanks, also, to the guild for a grand experience.

Most sincerely,
LaVerne Wieczorek

From the guild, LaVerne, thank you for letting us know that you appreciate the show quilt. We are happy for you as our winner!

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