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at 1 pm and 6:30 pm

By-Laws Q&A

September, 2023

We have two pending changes to the Guild’s Bylaws pending before the Board of Directors.  The first is the addition of a Facility Manager, who will report to the Treasurer.  Because some the facilities we work with frequently have request to have a single point of contact, the Board decided it would be appropriate to add a volunteer position that would handle those details. 

Second, earlier this year our President requested a Leadership Committee be formed to determine the future needs of the guild.  This group of current and past board members met twice and recommended a funding amount that should be set aside in case of disaster (pandemic or physical).  The Committee also made recommendations on providing more educational opportunities to all our members.  The Board felt it was important to continue these efforts in the future.

The Board believes both of these actions should be codified in our Bylaws.  We have received some excellent questions regarding the proposed changes to the by-laws and wanted to share the answers with everyone.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact:  The Board will be taking a final vote on this issue at the October board meeting (October 2nd).

  1. Will any rent or facility agreements arranged by the Facility Manager be given to the board for viewing or approval? 
    The Board of Directors will continue to approve all facility contracts. 
  2. Will the treasurer be the keeper of such documents?
    Yes, the Treasurer position is the keeper of contracts for the Guild.
  3. Will the Facility Manager be a term-limited position (either 2 or 4)? 
    This is not a board position, so is not term limited, however, we do not envision this being a lifelong appointment either.  It is important that multiple people know what is going on and could step in if needed.  But, it is too confusing for the churches or State Fair staff to have multiple people contacting them – we need a single point of contact.
  4. How is the Budget committee different than the Leadership Committee?
    The Budget Committee meets yearly to determine what is needed to operate the following year.  Input is provided by the Board members as to their needs in their respective areas.  The Leadership Committee will meet every other year and look at our overall picture, not only financially, but also how better to reach out to all of our members.
  5. What outcomes does the Leadership Committee have?
    The Leadership Committee is made up of 5-6 current or past board members and is looking at the financial security of the Guild as well as ways to increase member involvement. 
  6. Will any decisions by the Leadership Committee be approved by the Board of Directors?
    The Leadership committee makes suggestions to the board, it will be up to the board to vote up or down on those recommendations.