Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at West Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 6:30 pm

Ribbon Winners!

We hope you made it to the show to see all the wonderful quilts in the DMAQG exhibit! Here is a list of the winning quilts and their makers. There will also be a photo album published soon. Congratulations to all the ribbon winners!!


Best Bed Quilt: 1953J Deb Kimball Colorful Birds
Best Wall/Other: 2003J Mary Shotwell Flutterbies
Best Hand Quilting: 1802J Karen Woten Emily Munroe
Best Stationary Machine: 1784J Marj Luchtenburg Ruby’s Roundhouse
Best Track Machine Quilting: 1960J Deb Kimball Graceful Rhapsody
Judge’s Choice: 2018J Martha Klatt “Cat-astrophe!”

2015 DMAQG Judged Quilts – Ribbon Winners

Applique, 1 Person, Miniature:

1st: 2001J Mary Shotwell Lil Birds
2nd: 1909J Linda Montet “Bunny Love”

Applique, 1 Person, Small:

1st: 1806J Gloria House A Bit of “Fiesta Mexico” Fun
2nd: 1732J Ellen Kelly Smith Four Seasons
3rd: 1981J Terry Holt Just a Hare Like William Morris
HM: 2005J Sharon Meisenheimer Birds of a Feather All Together
HM: 1808J Gloria House Queen Lily

Applique, 1 Person, Medium:

1st: 1990J Angela Lawrence William Morris Blossoms
2nd: 1989J Angela Lawrence A Touch of India

Applique, 1 Person, Large:

1st: 1802J Karen Woten Emily Munroe
3rd: 1997J Angela Lawrence My Baltimore Album

Applique, 1 Person, XL:

1st: 1891J Julee Prose Garden Club

Applique, 2 Person, Miniature:None

Applique, 2 Person, Small:

1st: 1713J Nancy Earll Insomnia
2nd: 1846J Mary Martin Hugs
3rd: 1671J Tamara Watts-McPhail In the Phone Booth

Applique, 2 Person,Medium:

1st: 2003J Mary Shotwell Flutterbies
2nd: 2077J Dee Winnett Jacqueline’s Album Quilt
3rd: 2026J Dee Winnett New Beginnings
HM: 1805J Becky Irmiter Cone Flower Garden

Applique, 2 Person, Large:

1st: 1982J Carolyn Burroughs The Circuit Rider
2nd: 1845J Mary Martin Alaskan Scenery
3rd: 1714J Nancy Earll Whitework Sampler

Applique, 2 Person, XL:

1st: 1953J Deb Kimball Colorful Birds
2nd: 1851J Mary Martin Night Snowman

Art Quilt/Pictorial, 1 Person, Small:

1st: 1740J Mary Cecil Rockin Rooster
2nd: 1748J Barbara Riggs American Bittern
3rd: 1724J Peggy Kirk Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend II
HM: 2018J Martha Klatt Cat-astrophe!

Art Quilt/Pictorial, 1 Person, Medium: None

Art Quilt/Pictorial, 2 Person, Medium:

1st: 1674J Tamara Watts-McPhail Boo

First Quilt Entered in a DMAQG Show:

1st: 2030J Gwen Blass Bloomington
2nd: 2024J Dee Winnett Folk Art Floral
3rd: 2036J Linda Schminke Sprigs & Twigs

Mixed Technique, 1 Person, Miniature:

3rd: 1958J Deb Kimball Summer Love

Mixed Technique, 1 Person, Small:

2nd: 1746J Barbara Riggs Duck Potato Hideout
3rd: 1856J Gretta Wilkinson Happy Bees – funky squares & curves

Mixed Technique, 1 Person, Medium:

1st: 1786J Marj Luchtenburg Wicker Baskets
2nd: 1804J Terry Holt The Blessings of Friends
3rd: 1688J Nora Mosher Cora’s Quilt
HM: 1862J Eva Marie Evans Junkanoo Night
HM: 1776J Sandy Lanning Red Radiance

Mixed Technique, 1 Person, Large:

1st: 2019J Martha Klatt Starlit Garden

Mixed Technique, 1 Person, XL:

1st: 1968J Christine Rounceville My Flower Garden Dream
3rd: 1842J Julee Prose Eclispe

Mixed Technique, 2 Person, Small

2nd: 1959J Pat Hjelmeland D1

Mixed Technique, 2 Person, Medium:

1st: 1964J Pat Hjelmeland African Primitive
2nd: 1979J Cynthia Bortell Lollipops
3rd: 2025J Dee Winnett Oopsie Daisy
HM: 1878J Donna Albright Dance of the Dragonflies

Mixed Technique, 2 Person, Large:

1st: 1960J Deb Kimball Graceful Rhapsody
2nd: 1888J Jan Jome Around the World
3rd: 1777J Sandy Lanning My Alaska Quilt

Mixed Technique, 2 Person, XL:

1st: 1885J Marge Pearson 1835 French Mill Book
2nd: 1881J Marge Pearson A Name on a Quilt
HM: 1716J Nancy Earll Christmas Quilt

Modern, 1 Person, Small:

2nd: 1938J Judy D’Iapico She Can Dance

Modern, 1 Person, Medium:

1st: 2020J Martha Klatt Electric Fences

Modern, 1 Person, Large:

2nd: 1815J Rose Schutte Garden Gate
3rd: 2092J Tricia Lenz Curvy Roads

Modern, 2 Person, Miniature:

1st: 1766J Sharon Meisenheimer Modern Hexi’s

Modern, 2 Person, Medium:

1st: 1951J Deb Kimball Outside the Box
2nd: 1672J Tamara Watts-McPhail Reflection
3rd: 1966j Deb Kimball Glimma Crosses
HM: 1941J Doris Brunnette Petal Power

Modern, 2 Person, Large:

1st: 1849J Mary Martin Happy Days
2nd: 2029J Gwen Blass A Lil’ Off Center
3rd: 1875J Carol Wisnousky Everything is Beautiful

Modern, 2 Person, XL:

1st: 1687J Janice Utterback Purple Passion #2
2nd: 2082J Karen Pavlik 50th Birthday
3rd: 1930J Donna Albright Radiant

Pieced, 1 Person, Miniature:

2nd: 20039J Linda Schminke Linda’s Mini-Mariner

Pieced, 1 Person, Small:

1st: 1841J Julee Prose Arrows
2nd: 1860J JoAnn Belling Pineapple Garden
3rd: 2038J Linda Schminke Twinkle, Twinkle

Pieced, 1 Person, Medium:

1st: 1859J JoAnn Belling Wheels of Time
2nd: 2034J Linda Schminke “A Little Blue”
3rd: 1869J Sue McMain Joyful Hearts

Pieced, 1 Person, Large:

1st: 1784J Marj Luchtenburg Ruby’s Roundhouse
2nd: 2033J Linda Schminke Let’s Celebrate!
3rd: 1733J Ellen Kelly Smith Michigan Stars for Anne
HM: 1774J Sandy Lanning My Lori Smith Sampler
HM: 1785J Marj Luchtenburg Southwest Salsa

Pieced, 1 Person, XL:

1st: 1942J Jennifer Bernard Wickedly Wicket Waltz
2nd: 1803J Karen Woten Tree Farm
3rd: 2016J Martha Klatt Jungle Shadows

Pieced, 2 Person, Miniature:

2nd: 1952J Deb Kimball Tiny Curves

Pieced, 2 Person, Small:

1st: 1961J Jan Hall
2nd: 1963J Deb Kimball Batik Fusion

Pieced, 2 Person, Medium:

1st: 1957J Deb Kimball Moroccan Tile
2nd: 2012J Connie Klug Baby Hexagons
3rd: 1782J Margaret Simons Prairie Field Flowers
HM: 1780J Margaret Simons Midnight Stars

Pieced, 2 Person, Large:

1st: 2002J Mary Shotwell My Rays of Sunshine
2nd: 1764J Sharon Meisenheimer Farmer’s Wife #2
3rd: 2004J Mary Shotwell Sijmplicity
HM: 1882J Marge Pearson Tracy’s 20 Years
HM: 1939J Doris Brunnette Bungalow Garden
HM: 1755J Coleen Henrichs Four Patch X

Pieced, 2 Person, XL:

1st: 1715J Sue Dolezal Grandmother’s Flower Garden
2nd: 1848J Mary Martin Color Burst
3rd: 1912J Shari Walkup Jessica’s Rose Garden
HM: 1799J Coleen Henrichs Scrappy Burgoyone Surround
HM: 2089J Doris Brunnette Pinafore
HM: 2010J Connie Klug Cool Hezagons
HM: 1954J Deb Kimball Bella Verona

Quilting for the Home:

1st: 1980J Cynthia Bortell Penny Garland
2nd: 1863J Eva Marie Evans Place Mats with an Attitude
3rd: 2096J Tricia Lenz Color Block Pillow
Wearable Art/Accessories:
1st: 1944J Jennifer Bernard Synergy of Geese


1st: 2021J Martha Klatt What Was I Thinking?
HM: 1901J Jan Hall


1st: 1917J Helen Hielsen Flower Sketches
2nd: 1892J Julee Prose Evelyn’s Album
3rd: 1916J Rhonda Sayler Winter Trio
HM: 1905J Missie Carpenter The Colors of Coxcomb Mini Wool
HM 1956J Deb Kimball Bountiful Harvest