Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 6:30 pm

Preparing Quilts for the Show

Most of you have entered numerous quilts in the DMAQG Quilt Show and other shows even, so you know exactly what to do! But for those who don’t…and for those who want a quick checklist to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything, here’s the scoop!

1. Finish and clean your quilt!

This means the binding is done, the threads all snipped (and/or ends buried, if you do that!) AND there are no stray threads, no cat hair, no snippets of extra fabric tucked into a fold. Done and clean, check!

2. Attach a sleeve.

Biggest thing to know, 4″ sleeve, the entire width of your quilt, just under the binding at the top. Here’s a PDF Tutorial.

3. Attach your entry tag.

Get a snack size or sandwich size ziplock bag and a printout of the confirmation tag you received when you entered the quilt (yes, we hope this is still be in your email!)  Put the tag into the bag and attach that bag to the bottom left corner of the back of your quilt with safety pins.

4. Bag your quilt.

Neatly fold your quilt and place it in a clean, spare pillowcase. You will not get this pillowcase back, so please use one you don’t care to lose or pick up available cases at the guild meetings or quilt drop off sites.

5. Turn in your quilt.

Bring your entered quilt to the appropriate location for a judged or non-judged quilt by the deadline. See below. Please note that this may mean you have to bring your quilts to two different locations if some are judged and some are not!  Be sure each one gets to the right place on time!

Sept 17-24 Judged Quilts are due at Creekside Quilting
9926 Swanson, Clive

Sept 17-26 Non-Judged Quilts are due at The Quilt Block
325 5th St, West Des Moines

Picking up after the show…

Lastly you’ll need to be ready for pick-up after the show. On October 3 at 5 p.m. take-down will begin. Line up in the hallway nearest the DMAQG show exterior door and wait for the take-down team to come get you. Take down goes quickly, you will get a show volunteer to move with you through the show to find your quilts and pick them up. Check out those quilts at the tables as you exit and your quilt is ready to go home with you. If you can’t make it to this take-down process, you will need to appoint someone else in writing (give them a permission slip) to go get it for you. No quilts will be held after the show, so be sure to pick yours up!

Thank you to everyone who entered quilts in our show! We know it will be a great show, thanks to you!