Meetings Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at Des Moines Christian Church
at 1 pm and 7 pm

2011 Ribbon Winners

Congratulations to all the 2011 DMAQG Quilt Show winners!

Best of Show:                  ML2241J            Deb Kimball                        Mardi Gras

Best Hand-Quilting:        MM1249J           Cynthia Bortell                   Antique Buttermold

Best Machine-Quilting:  MX1287J           Jennifer Bernard                Nine Patch Sampler

Judge’s Choice:              WM1473J          Debbi Treusch                    My Angel Bella


Applique, Large, 1 Person

1st:                     AL1103J                 Brenda Turner                          Diversion


Applique, Large, 2+ People

1st:                    AL2108J                  Leigh Lussie                             Applique Affair

2nd:                   AL2111J                  Mary Shotwell                          In Rememberance

3rd:                    AL2109J                  Mary Martin                              Reflections


Applique, Medium, 1 Person

1st:                    AM1112J                 Jan Jome                                  William Morris Re-visited


Applique, Medium, 2+ People

1st:                    AM2119J                 Leigh Lussie                             Feathers and Flowers

2nd:                   AM2118J                 Deb Kimball                              Flowers in a Vase


Applique, Small, 1 Person

1st:                    AS1122J                 Gloria House                              Poppies for Katherine

2nd:                   AS1124J                 Sharon Meisenheimer                Motherly Love

3rd:                    AS1126J                 Barbara Smalley                        Purple Hawaiian Iris

HM:                   AS1120J                 Linda Montet                              Lovely Lily


Applique, Small, 2+ People

1st:                    AS2133J                  Mary Shotwell                           Still Life with Wool

2nd:                   AS2130J                  Sandra Lanning                         A Time to Play


Applique, X-Large, 1 Person


Applique, X-Large, 2+ People

1st:                  AX2138J                    Deb Kimball                               The Colorful Flowers

2nd:                 AX2139J                     Leigh Lussie                              An Abundance of Flowers

3rd:                 AX2141J                     Kathy Safris                                Applique Affair

HM:                AX2136J                     Linda Arndt                                 A Tisket, A Tasket . . . .


Clothing/Accessories, 1 Person

1st:                 CA1197J                   Jennifer Bernard                           For the Love of Teal

2nd:                CA1196J                   Jennifer Bernard                           Clean Little Girls Attract Dirt


First Quilt, 1 Person

1st:               FQ1202J                     Katherine Rossasecca                  City Play Quilt Series: Quilt #1

2nd:              PS2459J                     Sandi Wingert                               Day & Night

3rd:              FQ1201J                     Warren Larsen                              My First 2nd Quilt


Miniature Applique, 1 Person

1st:              MA1206J                    Leigh Lussie                                   “If No Birds Sang …”

2nd:             MA1207J                    Sharon Meisenheimer                     Marie Webster’s Bunny Crib Quilt


Miniature Applique, 2+ People

1st:              MA2210J                     Mary Shotwell                               Funky Flowers


Mixed Technique, Large, 1 Person

1st:             ML1234J                       Marg Luchtenburg                         African Canticle

2nd:            ML1232J                        Peggy Kirk                                    Peggy’s Penny

3rd:             ML1230J                       Gloria House                                 Those Crazy Hexagons


Mixed Technique, Large, 2+ People

1st:            ML2241J                        Deb Kimball                                   Mardi Gras

2nd:           ML2239J                        Pamela Godwin                              Posey Patch

3rd:           ML2237J                        Cynthia Bortell                               Sunflowers Around the Courthouse


Mixed Technique, Medium, 1 Person

1st:           MM1249J                       Cynthia Bortell                                 Antique Buttermold

2nd:          MM1256J                       Sandra Lanning                               Over the River and through the Woods

3rd:           MM1248J                       JoAnn Belling                                   It’s A Green Thing


Mixed Technique, Medium, 2+ People

1st:           MM2276J                      Judi Urbanek                                     Tree of Life

2nd:          MM2271J                       Deb Kimball                                      Funky Flowers

3rd:           MM2266J                      Dottie Abendroth                               Stars & Flowers


Miniature Pieced, 1 Person

1st:           MP1217J                       Donita Fredricks                                 Feathered Star

2nd:          MP1212J                       Sandra Booton                                   Glow in the Dark

3rd:           MP1223J                       Linda Montet                                      Dancing Ribbons


Miniature Pieced, 2+ People

1st:           MP2227J                       Sharon Meisenheimer                        Feathered Star Medallion

2nd:          MP2228J                       Mary Shotwell                                    Flowery Compass


Mixed Technique, Small, 1 Person

1st:          MS1282J                       Betty Mathers                                       I Spy

2nd:         MS1283J                       Renee McPhee                                     Gettysburg Revised

3rd:          PS1398J                       Janet Pittman                                      Toreador’s Dance


Mixed Technique, Small, 2+ People

1st:          MS2286J                      Donita Fredricks                                    Poppies


Mixed Technique, X-Large, 1 person

1st:          MX1287J                      Jennifer Bernard                                    Nine Patch Sampler

2nd:         MX1289J                      Judy D’Iapico                                          Rita’s Garden


Mixed Technique, X-Large, 2+ People

1st:          MX2292J                      Carolyn Eliason                                       Remembering my Pedal Pushers

2nd:          MX2294J                     Marge Pearson                                        Indigo in the Garden

3rd:          MX2293J                     Deb Kimball                                             Crystal Reflections


Pieced, Large, 1 Person

1st:          PL1309J                      Jan Jome                                                  Dresden Star

2nd:         PL1321J                       Emma Thomas-McGinnis                          Teacups from the Guild

3rd:          PL1302J                      Jennifer Bernard                                       Winner’s Bouquet


Pieced, Large, 2+ People

1st:          PL2347J                      Mary Shotwell                                             A Sampler Quilt

2nd:         PL2322J                      Tricia Beal Snyder                                       Cabin Sunsets

3rd:          PL2333J                      Colleen Henrichs                                        Square in a Square for a Square

HM:         PL2327J                      Sue Dolezal                                                 Serenity

HM:         PL2342J                      Marge Pearson                                            Amish Storm

HM:         PL2355J                      Tamara Watts-McPhail                                Window to the East


Pieced, Medium, 1 Person

1st:          PM1361J                     Marilyn Isley                                                 Pure Joy

2nd:         PM1362J                     Joanne Kelsey                                              Holdin’ on to a Dream

3rd:         PM1358J                      Patty Barrett                                                 Ghana Highlights


Pieced, Medium, 2+ People

1st:         PM2371J                      Dottie Abendroth                                           Fireside Cozy

2nd:        PM2375J                      Sue Dolezal                                                   Good Morning Sunshine

3rd:         PM2373J                      Denise Conoan                                              Rick’s Graduation Quilt

HM:        PM2384J                      Deb Kimball                                                   Happy Stripes

HM:        PM2385J                      Leigh Lussie                                                  Fun with Kaffe


Pieced, Small, 1 Person

1st:         PS1395J                       Peggy Kirk                                                     Oh My George

2nd:        PS1393J                       Janora Hayes                                                 Log Cabin Xmas Star

3rd:        PS1405J                       Carol Wisnousky                                            Optical Illusion

HM:        PS1396J                      Arda Mathern                                                 Dancing Ribbons


Pieced, Small, 2+ People


Pieced, X-Large, 1 Person

1st:           PX1417J                    Diane Tomlinson                                                Time Square

2nd:          PX1414J                    Bridget Lottman                                                  Rings around the Posies

3rd:           PX1410J                    Patty Barrett                                                       Asian Scraps


Pieced, X-Large, 2+ People

1st:            PX2436J                    Colleen Henrichs                                               Nine Patch Goose Chase

2nd:           PX2451J                     Kristi Schrad                                                     Hoagy Carmichael

3rd:           PX2460J                     Deb York                                                           Summer Twist

HM:          PX2420J                     Kelli Belden                                                      Lone Star

HM:          PX2421J                     Jennifer Bernard                                               Grandpa’s (Robert Echelbarger)

HM:          PX2449J                     Mary Sassman                                                   New Beginnings


Quilting for the Home, 1 Person

1st:             QH1469J                  Janice Utterback                                                  Christmas Memories

2nd:            QH1466J                  Renee McPhee                                                     Twister Tablerunner

3rd:             QH1468J                  Emma Thomas-McGinnis                                     Sashiko & Rose Swirl


Quilting for the Home, 2+ People


Art Quilt/Pictorial, Medium, 1 Person

1st:                 QM1148J               Barbara Riggs                                                     Tiger Swallowtail

2nd:                QM1142J               Joyce Franklin                                                     This is my Brain on Scraps!

3rd:                 QM1147J               Barbara Riggs                                                     Stellar Performance

HM:                QM1144J               Marj Luchtenburg                                                Ancient Ways: Spanish


Art Quilt/Pictorial, Medium, 2+ People

1st:                 QM2151J               Cinda Long                                                          Calico Cat Barn

2nd:                QM2152J               Bridget Lottman                                                   Mile a Minute, nine Blocks …

3rd:                 QM2150J               Lisa Flyr                                                               There’s No Place Like Home


Art Quilt/Pictorial, Small, 1 Person

1st:                 QS1174J                Barbara Riggs                                                      Paned Reflection

2nd:                 QS1172J               Janet Pittman                                                       Butterfly Garden

3rd:                 QS1173J                Barbara Riggs                                                      Caribbean Memories

HM:                 QS1159J               Mary Cecil                                                            Russet-crowned Motmot

HM:                 QS1165J               Joyce Franklin                                                     Winds of Time

HM:                 QS1169J               Angela Lawrence                                                 Contemporary Still Life


Art Quilt/Pictorial, Small, 2+ People


Art Quilt/Pictorial, X-Large, 1 Person


Art Quilt/Pictorial, X-Large, 2+ People

1st:                     QX2195J               Dorothy Taylor                                                    Drums & Jazz Festival …


Whole Cloth, Medium, 1 Person

1st:                     WM1473J               Debbi Treusch                                                   My Angel Bella


Whole Cloth, Small, 1 Person

1st:                      WS1474J              Betty Mathers                                                      Bloodroot Mt.