June 2015 Issue  

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Upcoming Meeting
Tuesday, June 23

David Taylor
1 p.m. & 7 p.m.  The Reluctant Journey of an Art Quilter


West Des Moines Christian Church
4501 Mills Civic Pkwy

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The mission of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educate its members, provide for the interchange of information, and encourage community giving.

New Address
We have a new mailing address:


 PO Box 71709
Clive IA 50325


President's Letter 

It's good to be back!  I am up and moving after a successful hip replacement surgery mid-May.  There is a new spring in my step instead of a hobbling limp.  Many thanks to Joyce and the other Board members for a seamless cover at the May meeting!  

It is hard to believe that our 2015 quilt year is one-half over!  We still have a lot to look forward to. The Charity Auction and Mall-in-the-Hall are our next big opportunities. There is still plenty of time to start (or finish) those auction quilts or items!  Gathering donations to the Mall is always a great way to unclutter our sewing space. All proceeds will be donated to our chosen charities.  We are known in the community for our generosity, so I am looking forward to another successful event.  See you at the June meetings! 

- Karen Macon, 2015 DMAQG President 
Quilt Show Latest News  
We are getting very excited about the 2015 "Building Friendships Through Quilting" Quilt Show!  While a group of us are working behind the scenes, we need everyone to get involved to make this show successful. 

Things you can do:
  • Enter your quilt(s) in the show. You can do this online
  • Make an item for our Little Quilt Silent Auction
  • Buy and Sell tickets for our raffle quilt (these will be available at the July Meeting)
  • Have your small group participate in the Special Exhibit Display, email ellenwkelly@hotmail, if your small group is interested.
  • Volunteer at the show (this will be available after the July meeting, watch the website for the link)
Important Dates:
  • June 30 Return Small Group Special Exhibit form to Ellen Kelly Smith
  • July 28 Deadline to Enter Quilts
  • July 29 Volunteer Registration begins, watch web site for the link
  • September 17-24 Drop-off Judged Quilts at Creekside Quilting
  • September 17-26 Drop-off Non-Judge Quilts at the Quilt Block
  • September 30-October 3 DMAQG Quilt Show, Iowa Events Center
Looking forward to seeing your beautiful quilts. Any questions about the show, please contact Diane Crawford, 515-988-8368, or Cindy Ohmart, 515-238-6246.
Quilt Show Entry Information 
Have you entered a quilt in this year's Des Moines Area Quilters Guild 2015 quilt show?  We would like to encourage all you to register at least one quilt into this year's show!

Paper entry forms will be available at the June Meetings and must turned in no later than the July Meeting, mailed (postmarked by) or emailed to DMAQGQuiltentry@gmail.com no later than July 22nd. 
Please try to submit your entries by this month's meeting.

You may register your quilt(s) as either Non-Judged (free entry) or Judged (a $10 per quilt judging fee will apply) in the following categories:
  • Applique
  • Art Quilt/Pictorial
  • First Quilt Entered in a DMAQG Show
  • Mixed Technique
  • Modern
  • Pieced
  • Quilting for the Home
  • Wearable Art/Accessories
  • Whole Cloth
  • Wool
  • Junior Guild Member
For more information regarding category definitions and rules please see General Rules and Definitions.

You must be a current member of the DMAQG to enter a quilt so there is still time join and enter your quilts.  Thank you to all of you entering a quilt into the DMAQG 2015 Quilt Show.  You are the reason why our Des Moines Area Quilters Guild Show is the best part of Des Moines AQS QuiltWeek!

If you have any questions or need help entering your quilt(s) please stop and see us at the June Guild Meetings.  Or email your questions to: DMAQGQuiltentry@gmail.com

- Janora and Coleen Hayes, Quilt Show Entry Committee
Mall in the Hall Gift Shop 
At the August Women's Health Auction, we will have a Gift Shop along side the Mall in the Hall.  The Mall in the Hall is a quilter's garage sale.  Start collecting items to bring to sell.  Books, tools, fabric, or anything that can be sold to make a successful sale for the Health Charities that we support.  (No magazines please )

The Gift Shop will be a new section of Mall in the Hall.  The Gift Shop will feature completed items that will be suitable for gifting to family or friends. Items will be priced from $1 to $50. We need your help. Please make items for us to sell.

Some ideas are ----
Coasters        Tablerunners        Penny Rugs    Tree Ornaments   Stuffed Toys        Quilted books       Pillows        Small wall quilts
or anything else you like to make that one would find in a gift shop.

Please bring your gift shop items to the July general meeting or between 1-4:30, August 25th (the day of the auction).  General Mall in the Hall items can be dropped off the day of the sale (August 25th-- between 1-4:30.)  We will price the times and the sale will begin at 5 o'clock.

A Coffee and Treat Shop will be open between 3-5 so you can relax and enjoy talking with friends while waiting for the really big sale to begin. Then, be sure to shop for that special gift while shopping Mall in the Hall.

Peggy Kirk & Sharon Meisenheimer
Quilt Show Special Exhibit  
We are Building Quilts to Make Friends  

Guild Small Groups have been invited to participate in the special exhibit by sharing activities, projects and good times. More than 20 groups said they plan to participate.

We encourage you to share stories about your group and display one or two group projects. This could be some type of friendship quilt, round Robin Quilt or challenge quilt. We hope to have at least one quilted item from each group to display at the show, as well as photos and a few stories (humorous or otherwise) from your group.

Jennifer Bernard will once again create the display posters. Many of you have seen her beautiful posters at our special exhibits. Your group must fill out the Special Exhibit Form with all the information you would like on your poster. It must come to me in email form, text and separate pictures so that Jennifer can transfer this information to the posters.

WE MUST HAVE THIS INFORMATION BY TUESDAY JUNE 30th. The posters will be created during the month of July.

If your group hasn't contacted me, it is not too late to join the exhibit!.

My phone numbers are (home) 515-279-2218 and (cell) 515-443-3001. Please call or email me with questions or concerns. ellenwkelly@hotmail.com  Thank you so much for participating.

- Ellen Kelly Smith
Little Quilts at the Quilt Show  
Our group Sew Sew Joyful is looking forward to seeing your wonderful small quilts that will be sold at the Show.  We are hoping each of you will be making one.

Again this year the quilts may be any size up to 24" on one side or a total of four sides equaling 96".  Bags, purses and totes are also welcome.
We do need to have them before the end of August, so you can bring them to the August Charity Auction, if you wish.  We love the ones we have received.  We encourage you to show off your talents.
If you have questions, you may call or text Sherri Street (515-664-3996) or Sue McMain (515-865-5218).
Library Notes  
New Books in the Library   

The library has added 6 new books in April and May through donations, including:

A Patchwork Murder by Jan Fields
Impressionist Applique: Exploring Value and Design to Create Artistic Quilts by Errea and Osterfeld
New Mercies by Sandra Dallas
Quick and Cuddly Baby Wraps by Karla Alexander
Quilt-Lover's Favorites, Vol. 12 by Better Homes and Gardens
Quilts made Modern by Ringle and Kerr

The full listing of books is available on our website here. 

- Sherry Baze, Librarian
Community Giving 
Habitat for Humanity Update   

Our Community Giving outreach for this year's quilt show is to give new Habitat for Humanity homeowners a quilt.  This quilt will be to honor and recognize the hard work each family has done to become homeowners.

One of the criteria to becoming a Habitat for Humanity homeowner is the "Willingness to Partner".  This criteria includes 300 hours of "sweat" equity" for previously owned homes and 400 hours for new homes.  This is from 7 to 10 weeks of work.  All the family members are encouraged to participate.  They will work at the Des Moines ReStore, or on current home projects for others.  The applicants also must be employed.

After the family has earned a half of the "sweat equity" they can choose a home.  From then on the family must work on their home weekly to complete the remaining hours.

Another criteria is that the family needs to complete "Blueprint to Homeownership".  There are three parts to these classes:  Finances (banking services, credit, savings, and budgeting), Life as a Homeowner (insurance, closing documents, being a good neighbor), and Protecting Your Investment/Home Maintenance (Outside and inside the home, and plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems).

At closing, homebuyer families purchase their home for the value of the materials and land, with no charge for volunteer labor and no allowance for profit.  Financing is provided by GDM Habitat through an affordable 20-year mortgage.

As you can see it is a lengthy process which require a great deal of commitment. These families deserve our support and recognition.  We hope that you or your small group are also making a commitment by making a recognition quilt for a happy, new-homeowners family.

- Sandy Lanning and Terry Holt, Community Giving Chairs

DMAQG Members Deserve Recognition

  You deserve a write-up, or a gold star, or a trophy!  Sandy and I have returned home after our member meetings with empty project containers and a back seat full of finished quilts, pillowcases, and placemats.  We also have done some heavy lifting with bags of pop tops and toiletries that you have turned in.  

At the April meeting you checked-in:  18 pillowcases, 46 placemats, 9 pieced tops, 6 quilts to bind and 16 finished quilts.  You checked out 9 pillowcase kits, 14 quilt top kits, 10 kits to quilt, and 8 quilts to bind.  

Special thanks to these members for completing a part or all of a project: Susan Corbett, Gloria Iverson, Diane Caufield, Linda Mould, Bonnie Hamling, Gretta Wilkinson, Nan Newell, Deloris Shepley, Kathy Wunder, Margaret Simons, Judy Parkhurst, JoAnn Belling, Helen Smith, Chris Patrick,JoAnne Schnebly, Rose Schutte, Katheryn Russi, Shari Walkup, Beth Bradly, Marilyn Carlson, Norma Hamilton , Sherry Von Fumetti, Tiffany Melchers,Sue Conard, and Lisa Flyr.
Come Join Us!

The monthly meetings of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild are held January through October on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the West Des Moines Christian Church, 4501 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines (NOTE NEW LOCATION!) We have an afternoon meeting at 1:00 p.m. and an evening meeting at 7:00 p.m.


Things to bring:

■ Name tag (required to win a door prize)

■ Membership renewal form
■ Workshop registration form
■ Items for show and tell
■ Items for Community Giving